myFABfitness: My Story  

I started this fitness journey one year ago this month. I set a goal of reclaiming my health and obtaining a certain physical condition by May 28, 2016, my late father’s birthday. 

Why May 28th specifically? Well I was a true daddy’s girl. When he was sick, he had NO FILTER. Oh the stories I could tell! Once when I visited him in his care facility, he asked me if I was pregnant. “Oh Lord,” I thought… “I’ve got to fix this!” But he was ill, I was in the process of relocating, and I had a lot going on. I have never been overweight even at my heaviest, so I figured I’ll get back to “me” eventually. 

Well eventually finally came last year when I got sick of being sick. I was getting colds that would linger, my knees and joints were stiffening, and I was snoring in my sleep… NOT SEXY! I went to several doctors for an entire work up. My blood pressure was slightly elevated, but I did not have sleep apnea or any other illness. Thank God! But I knew if I stayed on this path of not taking care of myself and putting myself last, that my health would be destroyed. I was not having that! 

So in honor of my dad, I declared that I would get back into tip top shape by his birthday. I’m now in the home stretch and I’ve accomplished a lot. During these last few weeks leading up to May 28, my focus will be nutrition. I am my father’s child and I indeed inherited his sweet tooth! I will cut my sugar intake and do some safe and planned fasting. The old, new me, nice and lean and healthy and strong, will be visiting his grave site. I can already see myself running from the car yelling, “Daddy, I ba-aaaack!!” Your baby girl is back better than ever. Thanks for inspiring me from beyond. I love you. 

Has anyone or thing or a life event motivated you on your fitness journey? Feel free to share your story.

myFABfind: Taking Casual Friday to Casual Date Night



My office is VERY casual. I could wear jeans to work Monday through Friday if I wanted. I usually wear trousers or a skirt with a cami and jacket. My way of shaking things up in this environment is with a cute handbag and shoes. When I do wear jeans, it’s usually on a Friday and I never pair them with sneakers. I just can’t. 

Tonight I will be going to a comedy show with the hubs and will not have time to change if I want to get there on time in this DFW traffic. So today’s look must take me from very casual office to date night and I MUST be comfortable. 

myFABfind:  Last week I had to stop my Sam’s Club to pick up a cake for the office. While waiting on them to find our order, I stumbled across a table with Seven 7 brand jeans and tees. “How cute,” I thought. And the price tag was even cuter! The tee with the bling accent pocket was only $12. The bling accent pocket jeans…. $20! I could not believe it. And these jeans feel and fit soooooooo freaking good. I’m so glad I grabbed this set. 


I paired the set with these flirty Vince Camuto peep toe booties. These are from Macy’s and I think I caught them on sale for under $149. I threw on the beige jacket just to “office it up” for work, but I’m not sure about wearing it to the show tonight. I think I will carry it in just in case it’s chilly. I have no idea where I got it. I’m sure I was dirt cheap. I would guess that I paid $19.99 or LESS for it and probably from TJ Maxx or some place like that. 

To add a pop of color to all of that blue, I’m carrying a bag in my FABfave color… PINK of course! My blue gradient aviators are a must. Handbag: Dooney & Bourke (gift).  Aviators: Ray Ban, $150.

I think I did pretty well with the $32 ensemble and pieces that I already owned. I look presentable in a office where my co-workers are wearing jeans and sneakers and yet cute enough to go on my date to see comedian Lavell Crawford. Now I’m ready to get off from work. 😁 Happy Friday!!

mrsFABreviews: Will Shakeology pass myFABtest?

For the past few months I have had representatives from various companies to ask me to try this, that, and the other. I have reviewed many types of products in the past and with so many offers, why not start again? 

Starting this month, I will test a product (every other month, possibly sooner) and post a review here on The length of the test period will depend on the type of product. All products reviewed will be donated by the companies who ask me to review them (or that I bug to allow me to review them😳). 

This month I will be testing vanilla Shakeology  protein powder whose slogan is, “The healthiest meal of the day.” Now I must disclaim that my sis, NurseFAB, is a Beachbody coach and I have several friends who are also coaches. That will NOT have a bearing on my final review. I don’t sell Shakeology and will give a clear, unbiased, and honest review. 

You may be wondering just how I will be testing this product? I plan to drink one shake for lunch or snack every day for 30 days starting today. I want to see how this shake makes me feel. Will it perk me up? Will it give me an energy boost? Will it be beneficial to my workouts? Nutrition wise, how does it compare to other brands that I have tried? What’s in it?  Will it curb my sugar cravings? That last one is HUGE for me, as I am a sweet-a-holic! I definitely inherited my dad’s sweet tooth. 

If you (or your company) have a product that you would like for me to test and review, email me at Results from this product test will be posted here next month! 

New Posts Coming Soon! 


FABulous ones, I am alive! While I’ve been away since last July, I have a VERY good reason. I began a new health and fitness journey and soon I’ll tell you some of what went down. 

In the mean time, I will have new posts coming soon. The focus will still be on all things FABulous, and that will now include tips and tricks on leading a healthy and fit lifestyle. 

Please check out my new fitness page on Facebook.  I created it yesterday. The plan is to link my fitness page with this site and my in depth fitness post teasers will post there. I’m so excited! 

I plan on have some cool stuff and contests…. with prizes!! So stay tuned. I’m so happy that YOU will continue this journey with me. Woot-woot!! 

In the Kitchen with mrsFAB: Episode 3… Two-way Baked Tacos! 

It’s taco Tursday and boy have I delivered! I came up with this Two-way Tacos recipe after looking up various baked taco recipes and not being able to decide on which one to try first. 

Try this for your Tuesday dinner and let me know what you think. It’s really good! 🙂

Grilled Corn? Yes, Please!


This corn recipe is so easy and so good. This is always a crowd FABfave at my cookouts! The corn looks extra good served in my 9 x 13 Temp-tations by Tara baker in “Fireworkfetti.” You can find Temp-tations at 

In the Kitchen with mrsFAB!


Hi FABulous ones! It’s been a minute. Take a look at  the first episode of my Flipgram show, “In the Kitchen with mrsFAB.” Today I’ve prepared a low-carb casserole that is figure friendly and oh so good!  Try this recipe and give me your thoughts. 

Get Your Cooking On With Wolfgang Puck and HSN!


The Today’s Special on HSN is one of my FABfaves! It’s Wolfgang Puck’s 10 piece set of colorful nonstick chef’s knives. This is the perfect Christmas gift for the chef in your life!

I have last year’s set. They came in a really nice gift box that displayed beautifully when opened. They are very sharp and of good quality for an economically priced set. I fell in love with them right away.


This year’s set is slightly different from the last set. This set has a long slicing knife where as my set included a serrated bread knife. Also the large chef’s knife has the hollow holes. My set had a smooth surface. I’m very tempted to order this set just to pick out the knives that I want and I can gift the rest. Hmmmmmmm??? 🙂

Please don’t hesitate to order this set of kitchen knives. And if you gift them, the recipient is going to LOVE you! To order, *click here.*

The Reason For the Season: The Julius Munn Sirs, “Ma’ams,” and Grands Foundation Give Back 2014


The Julius Munn Sirs, “Ma’ams,” and Grands Foundation is proud to partner with DFW’s Norma’s Cafe and the Salvation Army for the annual Angel Tree drive. This year we chose to sponsor two children from the Angel Tree at Norma’s Cafe in Frisco, TX. Sidebar: If you are ever in DFW, please stop my Norma’s for some great home cooking. They have been around for decades and have several locations in the Dallas metroplex. I particularly like how they always sponsor various events to help the community. Visit their website here. This is the Frisco location:


Our two little angels are Shanelle, 16 months and Jonathan, 8 years old. Here is their loot!





It was such an honor for the foundation to participate in the Angel Tree drive this Christmas season. Shopping for the kids was fun and made you feel good on the inside to give back. They each got winter coats, an outfit, and the toy that they wanted. I wish I could see them open their gifts on Christmas Day.


The foundation also plans to do some special things for seniors and of course veterans this Christmas season. We hope that you will join us in giving back in any capacity. From sponsoring a child or senior to donating to St. Jude Hospital, every little bit helps.

What will you be doing to give back this Christmas season? Tweet us here and use the hashtag #theSMGFgiveback.

Memorial Day 2014: The FABsisters Visit with papaFAB


Today is a day of remembrance. It’s a day for honoring those men and women who died protecting our country as a member of the armed forces. And while we honor those who have fallen and given the ultimate sacrifice, I also thank everyone who has served.

This year was different for me. My late Father’s birthday is May 28th. Often times, his birthday actually fell on Memorial Day. When I was little, the holiday was all about his birthday. As I got older, of course my focus shifted to the real reason for Memorial Day. But in the back of my mind, daddy’s birthday was coming!


This is the first Memorial Day without dad. It’s weird. My sister and I went to his grave today at the Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery. That is a picture of the main flag that flew at half staff this morning. They had a huge ceremony honoring the fallen. Families were everywhere. Children were randomly putting flowers on graves. Military personnel was all over the place. It made me feel proud that my dad was in the Army and the activities were a form of comfort to me. I thought I would be drowning in a bucket of my own tears. Instead it felt like a celebration of life.

It’s so funny that it was cloudy and slightly gray today. My sister and I hate the sun, so it was like daddy made the perfect weather just for us. It was a very nice morning and I could not imagine going to visit dad without sissy being there.

In dad’s honor, we are going to have good quality gourmet burger for his birthday on Wednesday the 28th. In dad’s older days, he LOVED a good burger and black walnut ice cream. So Wednesday, it’s all about you, papaFAB! We will throw down with thoughts of you in our hearts. We love you and we miss you.