mrsFAB reviews: It Works! Body Wraps *Mid-point Review* UPDATED!!


It has been over a week since I applied my first wrap. I was so excited because after seeing so many great before and after pictures on the Internet and after starting my own personal journey to get back my body from a few years ago (#thecomeback), I thought getting similar results would motivate me. So here goes…

The Product: It Works! Body Wraps

This product claims to be “as close to magic as it gets” according to their website. The wraps are supposed to tighten, tone, and firm whatever area you apply it to, in as little as 45 minutes with the “Ultimate Body Applicator” (the official name of the wrap). Here are some suggested places to apply the wrap:


How I Got Mine

I met a distributor, Lynette Reeves, a few weeks ago at the DFW Women’s Expo in Fort Worth, TX. I had been wanting to test the product for a while and the opportunity presented itself at the event.

Lynette and I discussed the product and I agreed to sign up as a “loyal customer.” That is when you agree to auto delivery every month and in return you get the 4-pack of wraps for $59 instead of the wholesale price of $99. She even gave me a free wrap on the spot! To visit Lynette’s site click here. To watch Lynette’s video on how to apply a wrap click here.

My First Wrap Application

I wrapped for the first time on Sunday, June 2nd. If you watched Lynette’s video, she suggested using cling wrap to hold it in place. In addition to that, I covered the cling wrap with one of those gym ab-wrap-corset things (it’s the thing in the picture with the zipper). Lynette suggested wearing it overnight in my sleep, so I did not want that thing moving anywhere! Here are pics of me in the wrap with cling and then with the ab corset over it all:



Here are a few more recommendations from Lynette:

*Take before and after pictures
*You can wrap once every 72 hours (Sundays and Wednesday’s are easy to remember)
*Drink WATER (not only while you have the wrap on, but for 3 days) – half of your body weight in ounces per day is recommended
*It is best to apply the wrap after a hot shower when your pores are open
*Clean the area with WITCH HAZEL
*Avoid carbonated beverages, caffeine, and alcohol while you are detoxing
*Only target one area at a time

The part about drinking water in half of your body weight in ounces was a bit tricky for me. You see, since I have put on at least 40 lbs, I refuse to get on a scale and I don’t know how much I actually weigh. What I am sure about is that I don’t weigh over 150. With that being said, I calculated that my MINIMUM daily water intake should be 64 oz. I bought a new water “jug” for $1.50 at Wally World that holds just that amount. I drink all of it while at the office and I drink even more water during and after my workouts. I am definitely getting my water in!

The following morning I took off the wrap and I did NOT see any difference at all. *gasps* I really, really (Did I say, “Really?”) wanted to see some of those magical results… but…um… NO.

At this point, I see no need to post before and after pictures because NOTHING about my abdominal area has changed. My small belly pooch is still there. IF there had been a change, I would have been posting all kinds of midriff bearing after pictures… but again, there was no difference in how my abs looked when I applied the wrap versus when I took it off. *sighs*

I have read multiple reviews about these wraps. Some were very positive and some of course were not. I’ve noticed that on any negative review, commenters, especially It Works! reps, always ask about water, water, water and state that one wrap is a partial treatment. One box, that’s four wraps, is considered a full treatment. They also mention that results will vary.

My Second Wrap

I applied the second wrap on Thursday, June 6th. I followed the same process as I did with the first wrap application. The next morning, no changes. Seventy-two hours after that application, drinking tons of water, still no change… NONE AT ALL!

mrsFAB’s Product Rating

I am all about fairness when writing my reviews. That’s one reason I’m calling this a “mid-point” review. A full treatment is 4 wraps, I have wrapped twice, so this is my halfway point. I am still drinking over 64 ounces of water daily. I’m also keeping in mind “results may vary.” That is the ONLY reason I’m not exclaiming SCAM!!!!

My rating on this “magical” product at the mid-way point of treatment is 1 out of a possible 5 stars on the FABness scale. I’m giving it one star for now, only because of the instructions about drinking lots of water. I am drinking a lot more water than usual, which is a good thing. Otherwise, I would give a mid-point rating of ZERO stars.

I will update this post after I complete the last two wrap applications. In fact, I just put on the third wrap, and I plan to do the final one Thursday. Some people say they get immediate results and others see results after three or more wraps. I so want these to work. I’m tying to keep hope alive! But like Wendy Williams, I’m gonna say it like I mean it, so stay tuned… 🙂



After applying my last wrap on this past Thursday night, continuing to drink tons of water and waiting 72 hours, I have come to the conclusion that the It Works! Wraps do NOT work. This is MY opinion and I’m sure that the company and its peddlers will disagree. I am glad that I tested this product so that my readers and Facebook and Twitter friends won’t be scammed!  Money is too hard to come by these days. I’m very disappointed in this company, its product, and the reps that encourage this foolery.

In the above picture, I made two calls to the company to complain and to cancel my auto shipment. Guess what? If I canceled today, I would have to pay a $50 cancellation fee…. BUYER BEWARE!!! MY other choice was to order something small for the next two months to avoid the fee… darn shame.

I have decided that since I have to pay a fee to cancel, I will try and review the $23 Fat Burner capsules for June’s shipment and I will pick something else for July. After that, I am canceling and I will NEVER do business with this company again. Look for my Fat Burner review next month!

7 comments on “mrsFAB reviews: It Works! Body Wraps *Mid-point Review* UPDATED!!

  1. I’m typically very cautious about these types of gimmicks so, since you’re testing it I’m curious. How many applications of this wrap do you have to do to see results? Has it tightened anything from just merely applying it as directed? I know you also go to the gym but, wouldn’t it be better to test it while not doing any exercise (i.e. take a week off from the gym and allow the wrap to do what it says it is supposed to do)? Especially if you are doing any weight bearing exercises at the gym that could possibly be a factor in any firmness you see on your body. . . Just curious.

    • I’m not doing any weights, just cardio (for now). Did not want to do too much because then I could not tell if any changes were due to working out or the wraps. I am still hoping to see results tho. I will update this post after the last wrap. Wish me luck!

  2. I was introduced to these about a month ago. My friends and I did a party. First, I am feeling like your review is a little on the hateful side when it comes to saying they are a scam. I have used 4 wraps so far and lost several inches. But more than that, I can see my belly button, which before had skin hanging over it. I think that everyone’s body is different. The girl who signed me up as a loyal customer, also had the most amazing results I have seen so far. She had a pocket of skin from a hernia that NO working out would get rid of. After 2 wraps, it was gone. And 3 months later, it has not come back. I applaud you for trying these and doing a review. However, the way someone sold them to you was maybe wrong? We were able to purchase a single wrap, try it and then decide if we wanted to get more. I of course did (and so did 3 others) because we all had great results. One of the girls swore she had no results, but did it anyway. After finally convincing her to do more photos, she saw her results. I hope that you are able to see results at some point. And the fat fighters are pretty awesome too, btw 🙂 (No I am not a distributor, simply a happy customer)

    • Julie… Thanks for commenting! I am so happy you are getting your desired results. Me, not so much. As I stated, results will vary, and based on my results, I just don’t want people wasting their hard earned money. I am trying the fat fighters now, but I think I will get my desired results the good old fashioned way… Eating better and staying in the gym. Wishing you continued success!!


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