mrsFAB reviews: Wolfgang Puck’s Automatic Pressure Cooker


I am so the foodie, which is not the best thing when trying to drop a few pounds. Who am I kidding… lots of pounds. But when I saw the presentation of Wolfgang Puck’s automatic rapid pressure last year, I had to give it a try!

I bought it from HSN (Home Shopping Network) as a Today’s Special for $89 with free shipping. As of posting deadline today, it is on sale (regular 129.95) for $99.95 with $12.95 UPS shipping and a two payment flex pay option (2 x $49.98, 3 with HSN card).


On HSN’s website, it’s available in black, blue, orange (my FABfave), and red. Click here to check it out.

I have used my pressure cooker several times since receiving it. This is not the old fashioned pressure cooker that your mom perhaps used. You know the one. It looked like an old metal pot with a lid that was near impossible to put on and to take off. And that whistling sound… Ugh! This is sleek, modern, non-stick, and electric. Dare I say sexy? Look at it. It’s just pretty.

The cooker comes with the following:

-Pressure cooker housing
-Removable nonstick cooking pot
-Steaming rack
-Detachable AC power cord
-Rice scoop
-Rice measuring cup
-Water collector
-Use and care manual with recipes and cooking chart

The very first thing that I cooked was the beef bolognese that Chef Puck demonstrated during the HSN presentation. It’s so super easy, that I remembered it just from seeing him on tv.

I took some frozen ground bison (that’s what I had on hand that day and yes FROZEN) and dumped it in the cooker. I added some dry rigatoni wheat pasta (I rarely measure so don’t ask how much), a cup or so of chicken stock, a large jar of pasta sauce, and some Italian seasonings. I stirred all of that and dumped in a small container of ricotta cheese. I did NOT mix in the ricotta. I just dumped it on top.

I put on and locked the lid (super easy), put the vent thingy on sealed, and set the timer for 30 minutes. The cooker preheats and then the timer starts going. It was that easy. Thirty minutes until my my delicious pasta was ready. And can you believe that I used frozen meat?

I’m telling you this cooker is a must have for the kitchen. I have been having a blast with this thing! Last week I made leg of lamb in it…. so good and it took only 40 minutes. That lamb was a big hit.

Don’t hesitate to order this pressure cooker. There is no risk since HSN has a 30-day return policy and the flex pay option can fit even the skimpiest of budgets. This cooker gets 5 out of a possible 5 FABpoints! *in my tv cooking show voice* Thanks for joining me for this addition of “In the Kitchen with mrsFAB!” Ok, I just had to end this post that way. Sue me.


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