Let the Fireworks Begin!


I am a shopping channel junkie. My discovery of Temp-tations by Tara bakeware has not helped matters. I have been a Temp-tations ordering fool since last October!

Today is the “Cooking on Q” day on QVC. Many of the FABnistas have been waiting on a 16 piece baking set in the hot summer holiday color called Fireworkfetti. Everyone was excited about the special of the day that launched at midnight and in addition, this item was pretty much on everyone’s “must have” list.

Well after staying up wayyyy past my bead time, two hours came an went and there was no site of the Fireworkfetti set. The host mentioned that it sold out, but us FABnistas knew that was pure foolery. It was never an option for us to purchase. The Nistas were NOT having that!

Several FABnistas were on the live chat this morning during the Temp-tations presentation. It was hosted by Lisa, Temp-tations Tara’s right hand. Everyone was asking over and over (Did I mention over again?) about the Fireworkfetti set. We were told that the Fireworkfetti did not make inventory in time, and that they will let us know when they know. Bummer!

Then about halfway through the chat, Lisa announced that the Fireworkfetti set would be availalbe during that 10 am show. I could feel the excitement through my iPad screen. That was wonderful… rejoice!

After a few seconds, I thought, I was NOT one of the FABnistas waiting on it. I was being hopeful for everyone else. I need to save money, as I want a new house and want to take a long needed vacation. I would eventually collect some seasonal items, but right now, I have a full collection of my FABfave old word green Temp-tations with some floral lace spice pieces mixed in for that color pop. I’m completely satisfied… or so I thought.

Within minutes, everyone was ordering the set. That red, white, and blue sure looked pretty. I caved in. I had to have it. If a little thing like a set of bakeware can bring me joy, then why not.

I really like grilling and especially for the summer holidays. I can use this set all summer. Then I thought of my beloved dad, who went to heaven last October. His birthday always falls on or near Memorial Day. He was also a veteran. This made the purchase of this set even more special. I can’t wait to use this on Memorial Day in his honor! This year, his birthday is 2 days later on May 28th. This is for you, daddy. đŸ™‚

Now, do ya’ll think I need the matching ruffle edged bowls?


See, I am addicted, If you also want to have this awesome Fireworkfetti set, click here and for the bowls, click here. I also recommend that you visit the Temp-tations website here.

I’m telling you, once you get your first pieces, you will be hooked. So let the fireworks begin!


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