Completely Random…


-There is some city in the Dallas, Texas area that just passed a no texting while driving law. I had no problem with that until I read where the law also applies to the use of your navigational system while driving. Isn’t that what navigational systems in your car or on your smartphone are for? I’m not from Texas and I use my navigational system all of the time. This is crazy. What about travelers or people simply not being familiar with a particular area of town? DFW has a gazillion “toy towns” as I call them. Since I don’t frequent the “hood” parts (don’t be offended… just being real here) I NEED to have an escape route!


-I need to check out Iman’s new Global Chic Summer collection. I love her. I think I want everything in that picture. Her collection can be found at HSN.

-I’m nervous about starting the Beachbody “21 Day Fix” diet plan after Memorial Day. The fear of failing has me anxious. I don’t want to let down myself nor my sissy, NurseFAB, who will be coaching me. *sighs*


-Although I have not actually been tuning in to Dancing With the Stars, I have been keeping up with the contestants via social media. I want the Olympic champion skater to win. I just like her.


I started the The Julius Munn Sirs, “Ma’ams,” and Grands Foundation after the passing of my dad last October. I’m trying think of ideas of how the foundation can help our local senior citizens and veterans in North Texas this summer. I would love to partner with some local agencies to assist with donating/delivering fans to combat this Texas heat and also supplying/delivering meals on holidays when agencies like “Meals on Wheels” are closed. I’ve got some work to do!


Dream BIG, start small. Speak your truth. I love this!


One more… I need to stop shopping.

The end.

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