The Reason For the Season: The Julius Munn Sirs, “Ma’ams,” and Grands Foundation Give Back 2014


The Julius Munn Sirs, “Ma’ams,” and Grands Foundation is proud to partner with DFW’s Norma’s Cafe and the Salvation Army for the annual Angel Tree drive. This year we chose to sponsor two children from the Angel Tree at Norma’s Cafe in Frisco, TX. Sidebar: If you are ever in DFW, please stop my Norma’s for some great home cooking. They have been around for decades and have several locations in the Dallas metroplex. I particularly like how they always sponsor various events to help the community. Visit their website here. This is the Frisco location:


Our two little angels are Shanelle, 16 months and Jonathan, 8 years old. Here is their loot!





It was such an honor for the foundation to participate in the Angel Tree drive this Christmas season. Shopping for the kids was fun and made you feel good on the inside to give back. They each got winter coats, an outfit, and the toy that they wanted. I wish I could see them open their gifts on Christmas Day.


The foundation also plans to do some special things for seniors and of course veterans this Christmas season. We hope that you will join us in giving back in any capacity. From sponsoring a child or senior to donating to St. Jude Hospital, every little bit helps.

What will you be doing to give back this Christmas season? Tweet us here and use the hashtag #theSMGFgiveback.


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