Get Your Cooking On With Wolfgang Puck and HSN!


The Today’s Special on HSN is one of my FABfaves! It’s Wolfgang Puck’s 10 piece set of colorful nonstick chef’s knives. This is the perfect Christmas gift for the chef in your life!

I have last year’s set. They came in a really nice gift box that displayed beautifully when opened. They are very sharp and of good quality for an economically priced set. I fell in love with them right away.


This year’s set is slightly different from the last set. This set has a long slicing knife where as my set included a serrated bread knife. Also the large chef’s knife has the hollow holes. My set had a smooth surface. I’m very tempted to order this set just to pick out the knives that I want and I can gift the rest. Hmmmmmmm??? 🙂

Please don’t hesitate to order this set of kitchen knives. And if you gift them, the recipient is going to LOVE you! To order, *click here.*

I Did It AGAIN With Flip Flop Graphics!


I’m back with another post about something in my kitchen. Have I turned my blog into a cooking blog? No, but my blog is about what is FABulous to me at any given moment. Right now, I’m into homemade goods and controlling the ingredients that are in the food that I eat. With my recent weight gain (I will lose it, darn it!), my focus is on getting back into shape while still being able to enjoy good quality food. Even though I have my dad’s sweet tooth, the hubby scarfs down most of my sweet treats so I don’t have a chance to over indulge. It works out.

With that being said, my love for a grand kitchen and having all of the gadgets that I THINK I NEED, is in full effect. I shared with you my tricked out hot pink KitchenAid mixer. I absolutely love it and the fact that I have a gorgeously decorated mixer for a fraction of the cost of a custom paint job ($20 versus $500). But what about my hand mixer? It’s a lovely green, but looks odd next to the loveliness that is my hot pink stand mixer. What on Earth shall I do? This…


Isn’t it pretty? I contacted Christy at Flip Flop Graphics and she sent me decals to adorn my hand mixer. Now my mixers look great together in my kitchen.


Did you notice this?


Christy made custom name decals for me. How cute is that? But it does not end there… Continue reading

Let the Fireworks Begin!


I am a shopping channel junkie. My discovery of Temp-tations by Tara bakeware has not helped matters. I have been a Temp-tations ordering fool since last October!

Today is the “Cooking on Q” day on QVC. Many of the FABnistas have been waiting on a 16 piece baking set in the hot summer holiday color called Fireworkfetti. Everyone was excited about the special of the day that launched at midnight and in addition, this item was pretty much on everyone’s “must have” list.

Well after staying up wayyyy past my bead time, two hours came an went and there was no site of the Fireworkfetti set. The host mentioned that it sold out, but us FABnistas knew that was pure foolery. It was never an option for us to purchase. The Nistas were NOT having that!

Several FABnistas were on the live chat this morning during the Temp-tations presentation. It was hosted by Lisa, Temp-tations Tara’s right hand. Everyone was asking over and over (Did I mention over again?) about the Fireworkfetti set. We were told that the Fireworkfetti did not make inventory in time, and that they will let us know when they know. Bummer!

Then about halfway through the chat, Lisa announced that the Fireworkfetti set would be availalbe during that 10 am show. I could feel the excitement through my iPad screen. That was wonderful… rejoice!
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This ‘Ain’t’ Your Mama’s KitchenAid!


About a month ago, I purchased my very first KitchenAid stand mixer. I have enjoyed a Kitchen Aid hand mixer for many years (and have owned other brands of stand mixers), but never took the plunge for the KitchenAid stand mixer.

One day one of my FABfave Shopping networks, QVC, had the KitchenAid stand mixer as their Today’s Special Value. It came with two mixing bowls, an additional paddle attachment, and the much sought after splatter shield. The icing on the cake… they had it in the color cranberry, aka HOT PINK! My Sorors know that I had to have that pink mixer!

Since it has arrived I have been a baking fool. From breads, to cakes, to cookies, and more. I have been having a blast with my KitchenAid. That is until I saw Ree Drummond, “The Pioneer Woman” on TV with the cutest KA mixer ever! “I MUST have that,” I thought. I researched and it was a $500 custom paint job. Thanks but no thanks. *insert my giving Ree the side eye here* Here is her amazing mixer.


I was NOT going to pay $500 to trick out my mixer, but was determined to find that look for less. I went on Google, Pinterest, eBay, everywhere. Somehow I came across some ideas on Etsy. This is where I hit the jackpot! Look at my mixer now…


How did I do it? Want the deets? Of course I’m going to share!

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mrsFAB reviews: Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara **UPDATED**


FABulous ones, get into this! Mary Kay has a mascara that I absolutely love. It’s their Lash Love mascara. I’ve been using this for just over a year and it’s one of the best mascaras that I’ve ever tried.

I am normally not a user of Mary Kay products. I actually got turned on to this product via online shopping. I ordered something (God knows what) and a full size tube of this mascara was sent with my order as a sample. I simply threw it in my makeup drawer with the tons of other samples that I get.

Months later I tried the sample. This mascara was amazing! It lengthened and separated my lashes with ONE coat. The second coat that I applied was icing on the cake. It immediately became my FABfave mascara, and a beauty essential in my makeup arsenal.

This mascara is not all clumpy after applying multiple coats, which are actually not needed if you have at least medium length lashes. I use the regular formula and I don’t have any issues with it running or smudging if I sweat or cry. They do have a waterproof formula and both formulas come in “I love black” and “I love brown.” I use the black.


That picture is one I took after rushing and slapping on a coat. Not the best picture, but I wanted to show the kind of lash length that you can achieve with one coat. And to be honest, I think there may have been some mascara residue on my lashes from the day before. That’s why the lashes don’t look as smooth as they normally do. Oh well…

Ladies, this mascara is definitely worth trying. It is reasonably priced at $15 per tube. To order your tube of my FABfave, click here.


Mary Kay now has the Lash Love mascara in a lengthening formula! I just texted my girl to get me a tube and I will update this post with my findings. The regular formula already lengthens. I can only imagine what this new formula will do. I can’t wait to try it. Smooches! 🙂

UPDATE II: Let the lengthening begin!


I got the lengthening formula a few days ago and I love it! I actually think that my lashes are a bit longer with this formula versus the original.

The first thing that I noticed was the curved shape brush. The original formula has a straight brush. This brush holds the product perfectly… not too little and not too much.


Here is a picture of my lashes with this latest formula. I tried to get a side angle. Excuse my huge eyeball! LOL


I like the lengthening formula, but I think you can’t go wrong with either of them. The end result will be long, full, FABulous lashes! This product gets 5 out of 5 stars on the FABness scale. Get yours today.

Happy Birthday America!


As celebrate the birth of our nation and independence from Great Britain with fireworks, parades and BBQ, I wanted to take a moment to remember and thank all of our military men and women who fight for this great nation. Thanks also to the police, fire fighters, 911 dispatchers, and EMTs who protect us everyday.

Here are two of my FABfave smartphone wallpapers for the 4th. The one up top I use for my lock screen. This LV one is for my home screen:


Feel free to use these wallpapers to trick out your smartphone for the holiday! It’s “no refusal weekend” in many areas so please don’t drink and drive (no texting either). Be careful with your fireworks. I do give you permission to have fun and eat PLENTY. Have a happy 4th!! 🙂