Trayvon Martin: mrsFAB’s Verdict Reaction

Last night, a so-called Florida “jury” let yet another child killer go free with a NOT guilty verdict for George Zimmerman, in the death of unarmed Florida teen, Trayvon Martin. I am shocked, yet not really. This is the America I have come to know. Here is my Facebook post from this morning:

The thoughts going through my mind right now are not good ones. I’m trying to contain my anger. I need to get this out. I feel my blood boiling. I’m going to the gym to work off my frustration, but in the back of my mind I keep wondering if Zimmerman will ever get his. Who is going to “take care of him?”

Not a good thought to have. I’m a kind person, yet the thought is there. I sit here thinking about stories my mom use to tell about how the gang members back in the old days in Chicago were about community… in a sense. When stuff was about to “go down,” they would make sure woman and kids got in the house safely first. They made people that did bad things on their “turf…” Pay.

I wonder what they do in Florida? Are the “bad boys” there going to make Zimmerman pay or just loot the streets and riot. NEITHER are good options. But I’m being honest here in wondering if Zimmerman’s days are numbered. And if so, would that make me, you, or the Martin family feel any better? How would Zimmerman’s family feel then? Let me pray and go to the gym. Have a good Sunday everyone. Hug someone today.

I pray for both families as neither of their lives will be the same again. RIP Trayvon Martin. Rest in peace.