Sophi-Bella Reviews: Itty Bitty Bones


I is so excited. Me’s first doggie review! This is one of me and me brothers FABfave treats… Itty Bitty Bones from the makers Three Dog Bakery.

mommyDOG says theys good cause they have no refined sugar, no added salt and no artificial flavors, color, or flavonoids preservatives.

I says theys good cause Cody is picky and even he eats them. They tastys like peanut butter and theys small size. Theys very good for smaller doggies. AND theys made in the USA!

I is givin these tasty treats 5 out of 5 doggies paws. That means it has me’s seal of approval! mommyDOG says theys easy to find and the price is good for ballin on a budget. Me don’t know what that means, but it know it’s good cause she shows all her 32 teeth when she puts them in the shopping basket.

For more information on Three Dog Bakery products, click here.

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Ok, I’m finished now. Times for me to go outside and plays and chase some squirlys! BOL (barking out loud).