mrsFAB reviews: It Works! Body Wraps *Mid-point Review* UPDATED!!


It has been over a week since I applied my first wrap. I was so excited because after seeing so many great before and after pictures on the Internet and after starting my own personal journey to get back my body from a few years ago (#thecomeback), I thought getting similar results would motivate me. So here goes…

The Product: It Works! Body Wraps

This product claims to be “as close to magic as it gets” according to their website. The wraps are supposed to tighten, tone, and firm whatever area you apply it to, in as little as 45 minutes with the “Ultimate Body Applicator” (the official name of the wrap). Here are some suggested places to apply the wrap:


How I Got Mine

I met a distributor, Lynette Reeves, a few weeks ago at the DFW Women’s Expo in Fort Worth, TX. I had been wanting to test the product for a while and the opportunity presented itself at the event.

Lynette and I discussed the product and I agreed to sign up as a “loyal customer.” That is when you agree to auto delivery every month and in return you get the 4-pack of wraps for $59 instead of the wholesale price of $99. She even gave me a free wrap on the spot! To visit Lynette’s site click here. To watch Lynette’s video on how to apply a wrap click here.

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Let’s Get Ready to Wrap!

FABulous ones, this is it. I’m about to apply my first It Works! body wrap.
I will first drink that jug of water pictured. It is filled to just over 32 oz. I’ll wait a bit then clean my abdominal/love handle area with witch hazel. Next I will apply the wrap and then wrap that area with some generic cling wrap to hold it in place.

The over achiever in me is telling me to go the extra mile, so I am also going to wrap a workout corset (that thing with the zipper) around the cling wrap. I know that wrap is not going anywhere!

Per the instructions, you should wear the wrap for at least 45 minutes. My It Works! rep Lynette told me that she sleeps in hers just so she won’t have to think about it. I will do the same.

I plan to wrap again Wednesday night and I WILL drink half my body weight (I’ll have to guess that because I REFUSE to get on a scale) in water daily like the instructions says. A full review is coming this weekend, so stay tuned and wish me luck!

I’m Ba-ack!!!!


FABulous ones… guess who’s back? Yes, it has been quite a while.  I launched my original site a few years ago with the help of the AMAZING Kitty Bradshaw. It was a modest success and I loved being my own “boss in my head” at that time.

Then life happened… I relocated and was out of work for a while.  To be honest, I think I was a little depressed.  I had to cut corners… something I had not had to do in a long time.  I fed my depression with food and gained a ton! I put my site on “hold,” but at least I was in my right mind to at move some of my information over to this WordPress based blog. And the blog just sat here until now.

I’m taking some time out this morning to write my first post here on WordPress. I just wanted to touch base with my readers and let you know that more is to come, but for REAL this time. I’m still trying to set this new site up and get my sidebars, links, and all of that loaded onto here. I need to find my FABbook that had all of my old site info.  I just can’t find anything since I have moved!

Hopefully this coming week I can get everything organized again. I will tell you that Sunday I am going to try  one of those “It Works!” body wraps and I will do a review to let you know if it really works… or not!

Thank you readers for being patient. Thanks to Kitty for being so inspiring.  Her success has given me hope!  Her site is fill of FABness so please check it out.

Now as for this weigh gain… I’m headed to the gym.  I call my workouts “The Comeback” because I WILL get the old mrsFAB back… better than ever before!  Have a great weekend FABulous ones. *Smooches*